Zurich, April 2017

Brand new custom-made culture media.

We recently added seven new customised media formulations to our specialty media collection as requested by research groups located in Bristol, Copenhagen, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Rotterdam, Perugia and Villigen.

Are you looking for a modified medium formulation for a particular application?

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    Cell Culture Technologies inks ChoMaster®EPO license agreements with three Swiss companies.

    We are glad to announce the signing of license agreements that provide three Swiss companies with access to our unique CHO cell line expressing recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) in FMX-8 medium, an open-source chemically minimal nutrient mixture consisting of 43 ingredients that can be easily combined to prepare several different culture media.

    ChoMaster®EPO represents an extremely sensitive biological system that helps bioprocessors to better understand the effect of non media-derived compounds on the metabolic activities of mammalian cells. Such compounds might be migrating into cell culture media, either from single-use materials used during the culture process or during the storage of products from primary vessels.

    The application of ChoMaster®EPO unlocks interesting perspectives in the future of bioprocess development based on single-use equipment. Knowledge of the qualitative and quantitative composition of culture media such as FMX-8 sets a new standard in terms of interpretation and reproducibility of analytical results.

  • For more details please refer to ChoMaster®EPO.

    ChoMaster® is a registered trademark of Dr. F. Messi Cell Culture Technologies.