ChoMaster® media for CHO cells

The chemically defined, protein and peptide-free ChoMaster minimal media are used for the long-term cryopreservation, gene transfection, routine maintenance and mass cultivation of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.


The ChoMaster Media display the following features:

  • Exclusively made of small molecules characterised by their CAS- and EINECS registry numbers

  • Totally free of proteins, peptides, complex additives such as albumines, hydrolysates and yeast extracts, and animal-derived components

    ChoMaster HP-5 medium, kit for the preparation of 200 liters medium.
    The complete kit consists of 5 bottles.

    We currently offer the following ChoMaster Media formulations:

  • ChoMaster HTS, art. CHTS, medium for gene transfection & clone selection

  • ChoMaster HP-1, art. CHP1, routine maintenance medium

  • ChoMaster HP-5, art. CHP5, production medium for stirred/agitated culture processes

  • ChoMaster HP-6, art. CHP6, production medium for advanced fed batch culture processes

    The ChoMaster HTS medium, art. CHTS, is particularly suited for the serum-free gene transfection and selection. Working protocols for the preparation of the cells for serum-free cryopreservation and stable gene transfection are part of the ChoMaster System. Furthermore, the ChoMaster HTS medium is used for the long-term storage of pre-selected, protein and peptide-free growing CHO cells.

    The ChoMaster HP-1 medium, art. CHP1, is used for the protein and peptide-free routine maintenance of CHO cells in simple static or agitated culture systems such as tissue culture flasks, spinner flasks, shaker flasks, roller bottles and lab-scale bioreactors.

    The ChoMaster HP-5 production medium, art. CHP5, is particularly indicated for the protein and peptide-free cultivation of CHO cells in agitated culture systems. This nutrient mixture is often combined with ChoMaster HP-1 when the culture process has to be accomplished within extremely short periods of time.

    The ChoMaster HP-6 production medium, art. CHP6, is conceived for the protein and peptide-free production of recombinant glycoproteins in fed-batch culture processes. The final composition of this particular product is usually customised to perfectly match users’ expectations in terms of product yield and quality throughout all phases of the bioprocess. In particular, single components of our medium kit can be used as feeding solutions for advanced fed-batch operations.

    All ChoMaster media are available as single-strength (1X) liquid preparations ready-for-use as well as kits of highly concentrated liquid solutions for the reconstitution of 8, 20, and 200 liters 1X medium. Larger product units for the preparation of up to 2000 liters medium are available upon request. The liquid concentrates have to be reconstituted with tissue culture water prior to sterile filtration according to the preparation method you can download by clicking on the links below.

  • Procedure for the preparation of 8 liters medium
  • Procedure for the preparation of 20 liters medium
  • Procedure for the preparation of 200 liters medium

    ChoMaster® is a registered trademark of Dr. F. Messi