ChoMaster® System

Established 1995, ChoMaster System was the worldwide first complete mammalian cell culture system able to provide what is needed to produce recombinant proteins under strictly defined serum-, protein- and peptide-free culture conditions. Routine maintenance, banking, transfection, selection and single cell cloning of CHO cells in minimal culture media can be readily achieved by implementing this unique culture system.

ChoMaster System includes:

  1. A pre-adapted CHO-K1 cell line (ChoMaster cells)
    The pre-adapted ChoMaster cells are cultivated in suspension at static or agitated culture conditions. Routine maintenance and preservation of the cells do not require any supplementation of proteins, peptides, hydrolysates or complex additives to the culture medium. The cell growth kinetics is characterized by a doubling time of 16 h with a viability of 96-98% in the exponential growth phase of agitated cultures. The cell density in ChoMaster media ranges from a single cell to millions cells per ml.

  3. The protein- and peptide-free minimal culture media
    ChoMaster minimal media are exclusively made of small molecules of highest purity and contain no ingredients of human or animal origin, no recombinant proteins, peptides, peptones or yeast extracts, and no hydrolysates. A new manufacturing technique and the detailed estimate of the nutritional requirements of the cells led to the development of several media formulations to fit several possible culture processes i.e. batch, fed-batch, continuous culture, and perfusion culture. The full reproducibility of the ChoMaster media composition allows wide control over cell proliferation processes and recombinant protein expression.

  5. A complete set of working protocols to acquire the basic culture technique.
    We guarantee full implementation of the ChoMaster System by providing extensive technical support to operating personnel. Our service includes the transfer of detailed working protocols about maintaining cells in both static and stirred cultures, freezing and thawing without serum or complex additives, transfecting and selecting cells, single cell cloning etc.

  7. Fast & Direct
    The techniques of freezing, maintaining, transfecting cells, or preparing cells for inoculating culture vessels under chemically defined culture conditions are provided as working protocols in a manual, so that recombinant protein production can be immediately accomplished. And don’t forget our unique technical support!

  9. Economical
    The above features plus the greatly facilitated downstream procedures have a direct, beneficial effect on the process development by reducing its costs drastically.

  11. Proven
    A wide range of recombinant proteins have been successfully expressed with the ChoMaster System by several pharma/biotech companies since 1995. While most information on the products is subject to non-disclosure agreements, selected references are available upon request.


ChoMaster® is a registered trademark of Dr. F. Messi