Hektor™ media for 293 cells

The chemically defined, protein- and peptide-free Hektor minimal culture media were first developed for the in vitro cultivation of kidney-derived human cell lines such as HEK 293T and HEK 293EBNA, then used for the adaptation of serum-dependent Vero cells to serum-free culture conditions.

The authenticated and certified serum-free 293-Hektor cell line (ECACC accession no. 05030204) and Vero-Hektor cell line (ECACC accession no. 03092503) available at the European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures can be routinely cultivated and banked with Hektor G medium.

For more details please also refer to StarterKits.


Hektor media display the following features:

  • Exclusively made of small molecules characterised by their CAS- and EINECS registry numbers

  • Totally free of proteins, peptides, complex additives such as albumines, hydrolysates and yeast extracts, and animal-derived components

    Hektor G medium, kit for the preparation of 8 liters medium.
    The complete kit consists of 5 bottles.

    We currently offer the following Hektor nutrient mixtures:

  • Hektor G, art. HEKG, medium for routine maintenance and cryopreservation

  • Hektor S, art. HEKS, medium for the production phase upon transient transfection of HEK 293 cells

    High productivity levels of recombinant HEK 293EBNA cells were obtained by using the InVitrus VP-6 medium after transfecting cells in Hektor G medium. For more details on the application of the Hektor G medium in combination with the InVitrus VP-6 medium, please contact us.

    The Hektor S medium, art. HEKS, is conceived for the serum, protein and peptide-free production of recombinant proteins upon transient transfection of HEK 293, HEK 293EBNA, and HEK 293T cells.

    Hektor media are available as 1X liquid preparations ready-for-use as well as kits of highly concentrated liquid solutions for the reconstitution of 8, 20, 200, and 2000 liters 1X medium.
    The liquid concentrates have to be reconstituted with tissue culture water prior to sterile filtration. Click on the link below to see the method of medium reconstitution.

  • Procedure for the preparation of 8 liters medium
  • Procedure for the preparation of 20 liters medium
  • Procedure for the preparation of 200 liters medium

    Hektor™ is a trademark of Dr. F. Messi Cell Culture Technologies.