Culture media for insect cells

SpodOmics™ is the name of our chemically defined medium for the in vitro cultivation of Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9) cells under protein- and peptide-free culture conditions. Maintenance of Sf9 cells exclusively occurs in fully synthetic culture environments free of complex media additives such as serum, hydrolysates or yeastolate. SpodOmics medium exclusively consists of small molecules of highest purity of synthetic, plant and mineral origin, and contains no animal-derived components.

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The Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich (ZHAW), Switzerland, recently developed working protocols for the cultivation of Sf9 cells at high cell densities in SpodOmics. According to the results obtained at the above research institute, the cell growth kinetics of Sf9 cells adapted to proliferation in SpodOmics medium is equal to the growth behavior observed with cells grown in commercially available, yet expensive serum-free media. Sf9 cells can be stepwise adapted to grow in SpodOmics from any serum-free medium within 4-6 weeks, and routinely maintained in our minimal medium for over a year with no loss of proliferation capacity. Current research is focusing on the mechanism of Sf9 cell infection for the production of viral particles under chemically defined culture conditions.

Growth behavior of Sf9 cells pre-adapted to proliferation in the fully synthetic SpodOmics medium with 0.2% Pluronic. The cells were cultivated at 27°C in 125ml-shake flasks (50ml working volume). The serum-free culture medium is exclusively made of chemically defined small molecules of synthetic, plant and mineral origin, and contains no animal-derived components. SpodOmics is totally devoid of proteins, peptides, hydrolysates or any other complex medium supplement.

SpodOmics growth medium is available as 1X liquid preparation ready-for-use in 500ml-bottles as well as kit of highly concentrated liquid solutions for the reconstitution of 4, 8, and 20 liters medium.
Larger product units are available upon request.


SpodOmics™ is a trademark of Dr. F. Messi Cell Culture Technologies.