Rapid Media Screening

Rapid Media Screening (RMS) is an integrated platform of services to support companies to develop and/or improve their own proprietary minimal cell culture media formulations.

Rapid Media Screening consists of four distinct steps:

  1. Feasibility study
    Cell culture media are often affected by technical problems with respect to formulation, preparation and use that may lead to an increasing chemical instability of the culture environment. Starting from an already existing culture medium characterised by unsatisfactory growth supporting capacities – and possibly containing animal-derived components or complex additives – we discuss with the users on how to improve their nutrient mixtures to achieve the target application. Typical applications of improved or newly designed media formulations include molecular biology purposes, routine maintenance and cryopreservation, mass cell cultivation with fortified basal media and feeding solutions, advanced fed-batch processes with corrective solutions against excess catabolite formation etc.

  3. Know-how transfer & tech support
    The above discussion is followed by our know-how transfer & tech support with respect to the development of minimal culture media formulations. Identifying essential nutrients with their suitable concentrations and optimising the bioavailability of water-unsoluble ingredients is the key to define the most suitable cell culture environment.

  5. Express delivery of custom-made culture media (research-grade material)
    Newly developed and/or improved media are prepared according to our fast-track manufacturing know-how that guarantees delivery of the most preferred media formulation within 20 days from the date of order. We manufacture media as liquid concentrates to be reconstituted with tissue culture water and filter-sterilised prior to use. The lot size ranges from just 24 liters to 2400 liters research-grade material exclusively containing certified ingredients.

  7. Manufacturing of GMP-grade material
    The above research-grade media can be manufactured as liquid concentrates under cGMP by our pharma partners. Production volume: 100'000L per single lot.

    The above steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be combined according to the most preferred strategies and goals, e.g. steps 1 through 4, steps 1 through 3, steps 1 & 2 only, step 3 only (express delivery of research-grade material), step 4 only (manufacturing of GMP-grade material).