Pioneering minimal media development by novel manufacturing methods

Designing highly specific media


The need to design variable nutrient mixtures to understand the functions of their constituents on cellular proliferation and to facilitate the nutritional studies of the cells led us to develop proprietary methods for the small- and large-scale production of minimal culture media. As the chemical stability of the medium ingredients differs from class to class, it is important that purity, stability, chemical compatibility, and solubility of every single ingredient is re-considered prior to manufacturing.

Modular by design, these proprietary methods enable the preparation of any nutrient mixture within a matter of hours. We provide academic institutions and biopharmaceutical companies with media and solutions either produced in our own R&D laboratory (non-GMP), or in collaboration with our industrial pharma partners (GMP). Cell Culture Technologies’ R&D laboratory develops and prepares research grade material for all its customers.

We collaborate with worldwide leading pharma companies and suppliers in order to leverage their very specific GMP know-how and to provide industrial customers with large scale products of the highest quality. We offer media preparations for cultivating a broad range of animal cell lines. Our culture media and solutions find their application for molecular biology work, cryopreservation, small- to large-scale cell culture, and as feeding/corrective solutions for advanced bioprocesses.