InVitrus™ Platform
The InVitrus Platform is a full technology transfer package which provides scientists with quality know-how to produce viral particles under chemically defined serum-, protein- and peptide-free culture conditions. Adaptation, routine maintenance and banking of kidney-derived mammalian cell lines including Vero, MDCK, HEK 293, BHK-21 cells in minimal culture media can be readily achieved by implementing our unique technology. Our platform supports the generation of proprietary IP, speeds up R&D efforts, and improves the quality of experimental work.

The InVitrus Platform includes:

  1. Pre-adapted serum-free cell lines to InVitrus media (StarterKits) and/or technical assistance to adapt any kidney-derived animal cell line to our chemically-defined minimal media
    Pre-adapted serum-free cell lines to InVitrus media are available at the European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC), Porton Down, UK. Routine maintenance and preservation of such cell lines do not require any supplementation of proteins, peptides, hydrolysates or complex additives to the culture medium. Alternatively, we can adapt any kidney-derived animal cell line to our minimal culture media upon request. We guarantee full implementation of the InVitrus platform by providing extensive technical support to operating personnel. Our service includes the transfer of detailed working protocols about maintaining cells in both static and stirred cultures, freezing and thawing without serum or complex additives, adapting serum-dependent cells to growth in InVitrus media etc.

  3. The protein- and peptide-free InVitrus minimal culture media
    InVitrus minimal media are exclusively made of small molecules of highest purity, and contain no ingredients of human or animal origin, no recombinant proteins, peptides, peptones or yeast extracts, and no hydrolysates. A detailed estimate of the nutritional requirements of kidney-derived cells and new manufacturing techniques led to a set of media formulations to fit several possible culture processes. The full reproducibility of the media composition allows a much better control over the entire cell culture bioprocess.

  5. Disclosure of the media composition of with the identity and the concentration of each InVitrus medium component
    As pioneers in the field of modern cell culture, we offer the possibility to become acquainted with and to discuss the composition of our minimal culture media by disclosing the identity and the concentration of each ingredient to scientists. This provides operating personnel with excellent perspectives in terms of a much better control and understanding of industrial bioprocesses.

  7. The techniques for manufacturing InVitrus media in liquid and powdered form under GMPLast but not least, we developed a set of methods to produce our minimal media in powdered as well as liquid form under GMP. Such know-how provides users with the maximum freedom-to-operate – while our media can be easily prepared in-house, our manufacturing technology guarantees maximum control over the quality of the same media manufactured by suppliers.

  9. Fully Defined
    The InVitrus Platform erases words such as « animal derived components » or « complex supplements » from the R&D paperwork. In fact, absolutely no use of components of animal origin or hydrolysates is required, neither when creating cell banks, nor at any stage of cell selection, adaptation and routine cultivation. The total absence of complex ingredients maximises the degree of reproducibility of the culture process and reduces the risk of contamination to a minimum.

  11. Fast & Direct
    The techniques of freezing, maintaining, or preparing cells for inoculating culture vessels are provided as working protocols in a manual, so that mass cell culture under chemically defined culture conditions can be immediately accomplished. And don’t forget our unique hands-on technical support!

  13. Economical
    The above features plus the greatly facilitated downstream procedures have a direct, beneficial effect on the performance of industrial bioprocesses by drastically reducing their costs.

  15. Proven
    Several viruses have already been successfully produced with our InVitrus Platform. While most information on the products is subject to non-disclosure agreements, selected references are available upon request.


InVitrus™ is a trademark of Dr. F. Messi Cell Culture Technologies.