Zurich, April 2016

Attachment, Growth, and Detachment of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Chemically Defined Medium from Cell Culture Technologies.


Cell Culture Technologies is glad to announce the publication of a research study by Salzig et al. on the use of our chemically defined, protein- and peptide-free culture media for human stem cells in:

  • Stem Cell International, vol. 2016, Art. ID 5246584
  • Cell Culture Technologies contributed to the study of the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology, UAS Mittelhessen Giessen, Germany, by developing a set of chemically defined culture media totally free of proteins, peptides, extracts and animal-derived components.

    The stem cell medium selected by the authors of the study is one among the basal nutrient mixtures we offer along our StEmulation™ program.

  • For more details please refer to StEmulation™ program.

    StEmulation™ is a registered trademark of Dr. F. Messi Cell Culture Technologies.