Zurich, January 2017

StarterKits™ – Serum-free cell lines certified by the European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) now available for commercial purposes.

We are glad to announce that the following serum-free certified cell lines are now available under license for commercial purposes:

  • Sp2/0-Ag14-TurboDoma
  • P3X63Ag8.653-TurboDoma
  • Vero-Hektor
  • COS-1-InVitrus
  • 293-Hektor
  • BHK21-InVitrus
  • BHK21-Hektor.
  • The above serum-free cell lines have been distributed since 2004 under the terms of the agreement between Cell Culture Technologies and Public Health England/ECACC, and derive from the original serum-dependent cell lines available at Porton Down, UK. A total of 8 cell lines from the ECACC were successfully adapted to Cell Culture Technologies’ chemically defined protein- and peptide-free minimal culture media. Hektor, InVitrus and TurboDoma culture media are available from Cell Culture Technologies and its distributors worldwide.

    Go to StarterKits™ to obtain the ECACC accession numbers of the above serum-free cell lines.


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