Gravesano, November 2020

Making vaccines against COVID with 293 cells?
Test our Hektor S medium!

If you are growing 293 cells to make vaccines against COVID-19, you should definitely test our Hektor S medium. Hektor S is a protein- and peptide-free chemically defined nutrient mixture for the cultivation of HEK 293 cells, particularly 293T and 293EBNA.

Hektor S medium is available as ready-for-use 1x preparation as well as kits of highly concentrated liquid solutions for the reconstitution of volumes up to 2000 liters 1x medium. If you want to test our medium, just contact us to get your free medium sample. In the event of a successful test, we will be happy to discuss the delivery of large volumes of GMP-grade Hektor S medium for your bioprocess applications.

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  • Hektor

    Building blocks to extend the performance
    of fed-batch culture media.

    Our company specializes in the manufacturing of so-called media building blocks – highly concentrated stock solutions containing amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and other components either alone or in combination. The use of chemically defined building blocks allows for the extension of a bioprocess in fed-batch or continuous mode through sequential or simultaneous addition of such blocks to the basal culture medium. Typical applications include bioprocesses based on CHO, NS0, Sp2/0 and HEK 293 cells and human stem cells. Addition of single or combined nutrients occurs at given time points in order to enhance cell growth response and/or increase productivity. Feel free to contact us to discuss your targets and to get technical assistance regarding formulation of dedicated feed solutions and media building blocks. We will be happy to develop and offer customized material to optimize the performance of your bioprocess applications.
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  • ChoMaster System
  • InVitrus Platform
  • SteMaxOne Program
  • CustomMade

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