Gravesano, June 2019

Excellent proliferation of HEK293T cells for the production of retroviral vectors in the chemically defined InVitrus VP-6 medium.

According to the most recent results obtained by bioprocess scientists in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, 293T cells can be easily maintained in our InVitrus VP-6 medium under chemically defined protein- and peptide-free culture conditions. The total absence of large molecules from the medium facilitates the production and the purification of retroviral particles for cell and gene therapy applications. The InVitrus VP-6 medium is available as ready-for-use 1x preparation as well as a 20x liquid concentrate. Concentrates are available as kit for the reconstitution of 8, 20 and 200 liters single-strength medium. Reconstitution kits for 2000 liters medium are available on request (GMP-grade only).

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    Cell Culture Technologies now exports cell culture media to Hong‑Kong, Japan and South Korea.

    Cell Culture Technologies develops, manufactures and exports hundreds of culture media worldwide. Due to the growing interest in our products from various Asian countries, we are pleased to inaugurate regular export activities to Hong-Kong, Japan and South Korea. The products are delivered directly to the customer via the customer’s own express courier account, thereby speeding up delivery.

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