Gravesano, March 2019

More than 250 custom-made culture media exported to 29 countries

Recognized as a leading company in the development and production of custom-made cell culture media, our company now produces over 250 custom media exported to 29 countries worldwide. Industrial and academic institutions from Bergen, Bern, Olomouc, Pamplona and Tübingen have recently chosen us as signatories of tailor-made products and services for their scientific research projects. This month we introduce several carbon-deficient DMEM and RPMI 1640 media as well as modified NCTC 109 and Neurobasal media formulations in our specialty catalog.

  • Take a look at our portfolio of custom-made media by clicking here.

    Cell Culture Technologies at the ESACT Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Cell Culture Technologies will attend the 26th ESACT Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 5-8. Feel free to contact us to prearrange a meeting with Ferruccio Messi, founder of Cell Culture Technologies, and discuss on your most preferred cell culture applications.

  • 26th ESACT Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark