Replication of measles virus in chemically defined Hektor and InVitrus VP-6 media.

We are happy to announce the very first academic study showing that replication of measles virus can be conveniently accomplished with Vero cells grown in serum-free chemically defined Hektor and InVitrus VP-6 media. In particular, the results show that cell growth kinetics and virus titers in chemically defined media are comparable to those obtained with high hydrolysate-containing culture media. The study was performed by Daniel Loewe, Tanja Grein, Denise Salzig and Peter Czermak at the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen (THM), Giessen, Germany.
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  • Routine maintenance and cryopreservation of kidney-derived human and animal cell lines like HEK 293, Vero and BHK-21 in the chemically defined Hektor and InVitrus culture media were certified by the European Collection of Cell Culture several years ago. While several companies have been successfully using our media to grow a broad variety of animal cell lines used for viral replication, the Giessen study now proves the possibility for vaccine developers and manufacturers to replicate viral particles with culture media exclusively made of small molecules of highest purity without complex additives. As a further point for the benefit of our technology, we expect a dramatic improvement of downstream operations with our Hektor and InVitrus media, as they are totally free of proteins, peptides and extracts.

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