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Focus on human in vitro nutrition – Case study #2

Production of EVs in customised SteMaxOne medium

Jan Barekzai et al. have recently published the results of experimental research on the production of mesenchymal stem/stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles (MSC-EVs) in modified SteMaxOne medium. For this particular study, the lipidic composition of the chemically defined SteMaxOne medium was modified to facilitate the functional characterisation of cell-derived MSC-EVs. The modification of glucose and glutamine levels was an essential prerequisite to study the energy-linked metabolic behavior of hMSC grown under agitation in chemically defined culture conditions, ie without serum and/or human platelet lysate. SteMaxOne is a protein and peptide-free, chemically defined minimal medium devoid of lysates and extracts of any kind. Culture media customisation is part of the SteMaxOne program, our service platform for the development of chemically defined media for stem cell culture.

Barekzai, J., Friedrich, J., Okpara, M., Refflinghaus, L., Eckhardt, D., Czermak, P. and Salzig, D. (2023).
“Dynamic expansion of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells in a stirred tank bioractor promotes the release of potent extracellular vesicles”.
AIMS Bioengineering 10 (3), 240-264.


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  • Dynamic expansion of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells in a stirred tank bioreactor promotes the release of potent extracellular vesicles

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    Focus on tailor-made cell culture media

    400+ custom media for 400+ cell culture projects

    Cell Culture Technologies provides expertise for the development and production of customised cell culture media. Our specialty media collection now includes over 400 formulations, many of which are currently being used by an increasing number of universities and academic research organisations worldwide. As a matter of fact, our custom media platform provides access to the company’s resources regardless of customer location and allows users to get up close and personal with our media experts.


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