Human plasma-like synthetic basal media for cancer research

We are happy to announce the launch of human plasma-like synthetic custom media that allow the tuning of function and metabolism of cancer cells. Cantor et al. and Vande Voorde et al. have independently demonstrated the usefulness of newly designed physiological media for cancer research. Particularly, such nutrient-enriched basal media include several metabolites not present in classic culture media such as RPMI 1640 and Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium (DMEM). As well, the concentration of amino acids and their derivatives, non-proteinogenic amino acids, inorganic salts, trace elements, vitamins and other components was reduced and/or adapted to their respective physiological levels in human plasma.

As preparing plasma-like culture media can be expensive and time-consuming, offering the possibility to source such media within a few days meets with the appreciation of research scientists involved in cancer cell biology and pre-clinical development. Today we are happy to introduce our new custom-made preparations concerning the so-called “Plasmax” by Vande Voorde et al. Our custom products are primarily designed to facilitate the study about the nutritional demands of the cells. As a result, we prepared a series of basal media devoid of selected components such as glucose, TCA-cycle intermediates such as pyruvate, vitamins, phenol red and more. Please refer to the link below to see the list of available plasma-like custom media.

Cantor, J.R., Abu-Remaileh, M., Kanarek, N., Freinkman, E., Gao, X., Louissaint, A.Jr., Lewis, C.A. and Sabatini, D.M. (2017). Cell 169, 258-272.
Vande Voorde, J., Ackermann, T., Pfetzer, N., Sumpton, D., Mackay, G., Kalna, G., Nixon, C., Blyth, K., Gottlieb, E. and Tardito, S. (2019). Sci. Adv. 5: eaau7314

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  • Improving the metabolic fidelity of cancer models with a physiological cell culture medium

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