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Privacy policy

Cell Culture Technologies Privacy policy The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into …

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Europe and UK Cell Culture Technologies LLC Sales departement Via al Chioso 12 6929 Gravesano …

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25 Years Offer

Cell Culture Technologies celebrates 25th birthday and offers a special discount of 25% off all …

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SteMaxOne Program

Products and services to support scientists to develop their own proprietary minimal media for stem cell culture.

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Cell Culture Technologies currently serves customers in 30 countries: please find some of our references …

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Cell Culture Technologies

Cell Culture Technologies – About us Long-term collaborations   Cell Culture Technologies is an independent …

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The Benefits

The benefits Amazing prospects in the future of cell culture   The application of minimal …

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Elaborating appropriate culture methods

Elaborating appropriate culture methods Developing new techniques   As well as specialising in the development …

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Pioneering minimal media development by novel manufacturing methods Designing highly specific media   The need …

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